Calling us sales people feels, well…wrong. The truth is, we’re the ones who save you from making bad decisions. Well, with logo gear anyway. We help you navigate through unlimited options and get you and your team the logo gear that’s so cool Senior Management is finally going to pony up and go ahead and get everyone that smart looking logoed backpack you suggested. <Insert happy dance here>

The point is, everyone knows some Jerry that ordered those shirts for their company golf outing from that one place his buddy owned and said he was getting a great deal. And yeah, they should have been a great deal, Jerry, because who the heck wants to wear a chartreuse long sleeve plaid flannel shirt to a golf outing in August, Jerry?!? Huh? Who?!? I mean, COME. ON. I guess people got pretty wound up about it. Our sales team stops you from pulling a Jerry and pivots you into a freaking hero. But. you know, if long sleeve chartreuse plaid flannel is your thing, you do you, man.


Tricia Bowden (aka trixie)

Position: Executive Sales Leader

Hire Date: May 14, 2007

Special Skills: Color and fit guru

Interesting / Quirky Facts: Yoga loving cat wrangler who is really good at dancing it out around the office. Not so good at getting others to join in.



Position: Sales & Customer Service Team

Hire Date: July 30, 2000

Special Skills: Friendliest phone voice ever

Interesting / Quirky Facts: Loves animals, her Jeep and most As Seen On TV products.



Position: Sales & Customer Service Team

Hire Date: March 22, 1999

Special Skills: Could run every department at Alfie and, well, pretty much the world, too.

Interesting / Quirky Facts: Gym rat who loves exotic flower gardening and classic cars.



Position: Customer Service Support Team

Hire Date: July 11, 2016

Special Skills: Remains calm in the swag storm

Interesting / Quirky Facts: Outdoorsy, Obsessed with growing plants & flowers, loves adventure travel.