Figuring out what kind of gear to create for your team or event can seem like a daunting task. Here are some notes about process and pricing to make your project easier to tackle! 


How many Should I order?

Let’s just say, a lot. Kidding, mostly. Here’s the sitch, everything you order is a custom order. It’s generally a good idea to tack on a few more than you know you need. We will happily produce more for you and your re-order will go back in the production queue. Which, if you forgot the boss in your count, could pose a real problem when you are handing out the spiffy gear.

Screenprint: the minimum is 24 pieces. 72 piece minimum for Simulated Process designs (this would be for very detailed and highly colorful pieces of art).

Embroidery: the minimum is. . .one. We just can’t produce less than that. But you’ll like the pricing far better at 12 pieces and up. Hats, we prefer increments of 6.

Promo items: Minimums will vary by the item but generally somewhere between 36-144.

How long Does this stuff take?

Remember that time like 15 seconds ago when you read the question right above this and we said everything you order is a custom order? Still true. Normal production time is about 2 weeks after your art is finalized. During peak season, it can extend to 3 - 4 weeks. When is peak season, you ask? As you can imagine. . . everyone in the midwest starts dreaming of wearing tee shirts in April, and we don’t give up that dream until October. That’s peak season for Screenprint. In October, we all come to terms with needing winter gear. Oh, and the holidays are coming! So that’s peak season for embroidery. We thank you for planning ahead. And that one high school teacher who was always on your case about it is super proud of you right now.

Are there set up Fees?

Sometimes. There are typically no setup charges for screenprint. Promo item set up fees vary but generally $55 per color. Embroidery setup is typically $65 for a left chest & hat size logo, and then we keep your designs on file for future use.

Can I get a better deal if I order more?

Now we’re talkin’. Screenprint price breaks happen at 24 / 48 / 72 / 144 / 288 and up.

Embroidery 12 / 24 / 48 / 72 / 144 / 288 and up

Promo, it’s complicated, but let’s just say yes.

Can I bring in my own stuff for you to decorate?

If it is an exception and not your modus operandi, maybe. Honestly, it’s not our favorite thing to do and here’s why: The risk v. reward ratio is too high and it stresses us out. Decorating apparel is often tricky, and the processes and fabrics can be temperamental. And that’s coming from the industry pros who are really good at this and know what we are doing…but if something goes awry, we simply cannot replace the items you provided.

Screenprint and heatseal - we’re really not gonna say yes on decorating on your items.

Embroidery  - we’re a solid maybe. We have to see the item and make sure the fabric will hold the design, that we can get it on our machines, that there aren’t seams or pockets or other details in the way. Then production negotiations can begin.

But here’s the thing, if you thought you were going to save so much money or get your stuff faster by buying it and bringing it to us, you, my friend, are sadly mistaken. If we do agree to decorate items you purchased elsewhere, we charge a premium for this service and it is a low priority in our production schedule. We will gladly work with you to source your gear and will stay within your budget. Pinky swear promise.

How do you determine what you’re gonna charge me?

Basically, by how much set up & machine time it requires. That and a series of elaborate mathematical formulas and complicated spreadsheets. Pricing based on quantity + garment style + number of locations printed + number of colors or stitches in the design. Let’s talk about the project and we will get you all quoted up.

 Can you help me with my art?

We sure can! Alfie has a crack team of skilled in-house artists to show you how your design will look on all kinds of sweet gear. We provide about 20 - 30 min of complimentary art & design time at no additional charge (adding lettering or a tag line to your logo, for example). If we’re building art from scratch for you, some art charges will apply, generally $50 per hour.

What do these terms you keep using even MEAN??

 Tone on Tone / Tonal Look

Great for a more subtle and sophisticated look. Example: Charcoal grey logo on your black North Face jacket, pale silver logo on your white oxford button down.

Soft Ink / Soft Hand Print

Cool option for screen printing. Inks are translucent with a lighter application, rather than opaque and heavily applied as on traditional prints. Garment color and fabric may show through Soft White inks a bit - which adds an interesting dimension to the design. The ink application is thin, feels soft on the garment, instantly looks like it’s your old favorite. Except it’s not threadbare, and it still fits perfectly.

 “This design is really stitch dense”

Just as you might imagine - there are lots and lots of stitches in that embroidered design! How does this impact your logo and your gear? Stitch dense designs are not very compatible with a lot of today’s lighter fabrics, which may pucker and buckle when decorated with a heavy design. They can also be tricky on stiff structured ball caps. We may suggest that we modify your design a bit to be friendlier for the embroidery process and longer wear of your gear. We’ll remain true to the look and feel of the design. We wanna create gear that you love, and are proud to wear, and sometimes that means a little change is required. It’ll be ok. We promise.