People Like Us

They really like us! Did you see those testimonials on our homepage? Have you read our google reviews? Super impressive. And we didn’t even include the ones from Mom and Cousin Suzi.


We’ve Got That Expert Status

Turns out, when you’ve been in the biz for over 29 years, you gain massive product knowledge and design smarts. Our team has over 100 years of experience. Seriously. You can fact check us here.


We Hit Deadlines

You know that one nightmare you have where you forget to set the alarm and sleep through the final exam? You know what’s worse? Not getting your gear in time for your company’s big event. We find it seriously euphoric to get our clients their gear ahead of schedule. That’s our jam and we’re sticking to it.


We are Brand-Tastic

Go with who you know. Nike, Under Armour, The North Face, Bic, Carhartt, Zippo, S’well, Callaway, Hanes, New Era, Cutter & Buck to just name drop a few. Impressive brands for every budget and event.


We Brainstorm With You

This is our favorite part. It’s like a party for logo gear ideas! We work with you to strategize on how your gear can enhance your messaging, event, company culture and street cred. Let’s talk it out, pointy party hats optional but always awesome.


We Do What we say we’re gonna do

If we tell you your order will be ready, it will be. If you ask for a quote before your meeting with the Big Cheese, you have it. If you need samples to show the crew, you get samples to show the crew. Word. We keep ours.


WBENC Certified

Does your company or organization have a diversity goal? Alfie is Certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBENC). And pretty darn proud of it.


We Have a Pretty Impressive Client List

References? We can name drop with the best of them. From small businesses and national events to Universities and Fortune 500 clients, we get them geared up.


We’re Responsive

You know how with some companies you send an email or leave a voicemail and it takes so long for someone to respond you check to make sure you actually contacted them? We hate that. So, we don’t do that. You will hear back from us in a flash. Or maybe a jiffy. But definitely somewhere between a nanosecond and two shakes of a lamb’s tail. Please note, no lambs will actually be shaken while we craft a reply.