T-shirts, coffee cups, hats…heck yeah!

Alfie Logo Gear designs, creates and produces spiffy logo gear, branded merch and creative solutions for companies, teams, events and organizations. From classic screen printed tees, crisply embroidered jackets, thermal transfer jerseys, custom corporate socks, handy logoed coffee mugs, stain resistant workwear to, well… just about everything you need to build your brand. We’ll get you geared up.

Why we do what we do…

We humans thrive when we feel a sense of pride and a connection to a group, cause, team or place. People are proud of where they work, how they play, where they live and what they support.  So, basically, we help humanity find their people and build community. Pretty big deal when you can share that kind of peace & love through a team hoody, logoed pen & notebook and a very effective golf outing beer koozie.


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Fun Facts About Branded Products & Logo Gear 


*Stats from the 2016 Advertising Specialty Institute survey.

Our Story


Alfie was instrumental in introducing our new brand to the world. From promotional gifts of various size and value, to the exacting look of the uniforms worn by our drivers, Alfie had us covered. They were simply seamless in their execution. On time, on budget. As promised. No surprises. That’s what we demand, and that’s what Alfie delivers
— David Rhoa, President, Marana Group
Whenever we need promotional material or Logo Gear for work or play Alfie’s is my one stop shop!
Their team of dedicated guys and gals will do anything and everything to make sure you get what you want and need and when you want or need it. Their products are excellent in quality, and their customer service is excellent! Way to bring it to the next level!
— Colette Pierce, Administrative Assistant, American Waste
Alfie Rocks! Doing business with the team at Alfie’s is easy. They take customer service personally, that means that they deliver on their promises. We have been doing business with Alfie for over 12 years. During that time the Alfie team has always been creative and fresh thinking in their suggestions to target the right item for the right audience. I know we have great logo gear because people tell me all the time “Russ, you always have the best stuff”
— Russ Knopp, Co-owner, Comfort Keepers
My company ‘discovered’ Alfie Logo Gear 17 or 18 years ago. Our previous supplier would deliver our employees’ logo gear in large boxes, unlabeled, and our HR team would have to sort through everything — matching every item to the team member who ordered it before we could hand out the much-anticipated gear. This would waste hours of time. So, we gave Alfie a try. First, they pre-sewed sample logos for approval. They made recommendations based on thread count and weight of the logo on lighter fabrics, and provided significant consulting. When the gear arrived, every item was individually packaged and labeled by team member. Our experience was so positive with Bonnie and Trixie and their team — quality, consultation and service — we began offering their services to our clients who were storing wearables in our warehouse: Sara Lee, HighLiner Foods, and others. With Alfie’s service, we have created “Wearables on Demand” for our clients, eliminating their need to inventory and store their logo gear.

I guess I cannot pay a higher compliment to another company: We bundle the Alfie products and services into our service offerings, because they make us look SO good! Furthermore, when our national clients visit us from around the country, we now schedule a site visit and tour of Alfie, because, by extension, our clients view us as a ‘world-class’ marketing community. Alfie helps us deliver that world-class horsepower!
— David Moore, President, VP Demand Creation Services
Since the inception of my business 11 years ago, Alfie has been my trusted partner for all of my marketing needs, not only for my company but also for my clients. Alfie stays on top of trends and shows me the next greatest thing that I didn’t know existed yet...which ends up being my next purchase. They are always on time, incredibly dependable and I always receive a perfect product.
— Allison Beers, Owner, Events North






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