You know what gives your company or organization street cred? Oh sure, there’s your world class team, stellar reputation, high quality work and all that actual business stuff but, what really says you are legit? A totally hip tone-on-tone printed tee, a crisply embroidered messenger bag and a spiffy copper insulated travel mug with your company logo. Yup, whether you need business casual, tradeshow giveaways, athletic gear, employee welcome kits or work wear, we can help you build your brand and business swagger. Let’s get started.




Whether you are outfitting a construction crew or restaurant staff, need safety gear or company polo shirts for a tradeshow, we’ve got you covered. We create branded apparel and gear for diverse industries including: construction trades, breweries and wineries, utility companies, banking and real estate, hospitals, non-profits, educational institutions and so many more. Let’s chat about the possibilities for your organization.




We don’t mean to brag but, we’ve been embroidering logos on apparel since the internets used dial up. Seriously. We’ve been keeping you in stitches for so long, we remember the first time neon tees, wide stripe rugby shirts and fanny packs…er, um, I mean “waist packs” were the latest trend. So, we kinda have a pretty good handle on making your logo, and your team, look sharp. So, we gotta be honest, although embroidery is our first love, (it is where we started!) it is not the best choice for every project. Super thin, stretchy fabrics, big logos with lots of fill, garments with all kinds of seams and pockets, well, it’s just not going to work out. But we have ideas! Like the ones right below here:


Screen print


A classic imprinting method in which ink is smooshed (technical term) through a mesh screen onto the garment. The ink is cured with heat, and then like magic, you have a great logo or colorful piece of art to wear! To help your gear live a longer life, turn it inside out when washing, and maybe don’t dry it on high for 3 hours. Screenprint is the best process for things like tees, sweatshirts and budget conscious purchasing managers.


Thermal transfers


If you are of a certain age <ahem> you might remember iron on transfers. They were so popular you could even find them in your favorite cereal box! (I’m looking at you, Cap’n Crunch and Dig ‘Em Frog) Just heat up your mom’s iron super hot and then kinda melt that bad boy design onto a shirt. Thermal transfers are the more grown up version of that. Vinyl is laser cut and applied to garments using a fancy heat press. Great for small runs of colorful graphics, thin or stretchy fabrics, and team jerseys that require individual names and numbers. And when you let us pros handle the project, you won’t set your shirt on fire or have to spend your allowance replacing mom’s iron.