The admin team does officey-type things that fuel the organization. They execute day-to-day operations seamlessly while working on financial planning, accounting, HR and basically spreading joy while making sure the coffee and toilet paper are stocked and payroll is done. It’s a pretty heroic job. They don’t actually wear capes & tights at work, but if they did, you better believe they would be logoed.


Paulette “squirrel” Mayer

Position: Accounting & Human Resources Team

Hire Date: December 19, 2016

Special Skills: Persistent report generating problem solver

Interesting / Quirky Facts: Happy, adventuresome miniature donkey rescuer.



Position: Logo Lounge Concierge

Hire Date: November 7, 2016

Special Skills: Incredibly kind and thoughtful

Interesting / Quirky Facts: Will throw down on your dance challenge. She'll also make you the world's best peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.