So who runs this joint anyway?

Bonnie Alfonso

  Bonnie AlfonsoWell, the woman on the left is Bonnie Alfonso. Her business card says she's the President & CEO. Which we all know what THAT means...she's the one running out in front of the team. She calls it leading. We think she's just had too much coffee and is searching for a restroom. You can email Bonnie RIGHT NOW by clicking on her name.

Marty Beaudoin

  The guy hanging out by the window is Marty Beaudoin. He's the Vice President of Sales & Marketing. Yup, he got the fancy schmancy title and it's really not just because he’s the one who ordered the last batch of business cards. He actually does sell stuff. And he’s really good at it. You can email Marty RIGHT NOW by clicking on his name.

Margianne Alfonso - Production Leader

  You know why that woman is smiling? An order just came in specifying buttercup thread! This means she is about to break into a horribly off-key yet incredibly enthusiastic chorus of You know why that woman is smiling? An order just came in specifying buttercup thread! This means she is about to break into a horribly off-key yet incredibly enthusiastic chorus of "Why do you build me up Buttercup." Yup, that's Margianne Alfonso, Production Manager. She makes sure your order looks great, is on time & has been, serenaded? You can email Margianne your song requests RIGHT NOW by clicking on her name.

Paulette & Carol - Accounting

  These two ladies, oh, they’ve got your number. PO numbers, invoice numbers, credit card numbers...oh the joy they bring to this fine crew. These two work at keeping the rest of us balanced and in checks. As you can imagine it’s a big job. But we know we can count on them. Bahahahaha. Seriously, you have questions? Contact our accounting department RIGHT NOW by clicking here.

Michelle Piper

  Hey, want to go shopping? Of course you do. And Michelle wants to go with you! Not only is she a great navigator who knows her way around all the cool logo gear and gadgets, she’s kind of the queen of “As seen on TV” so she’s up on all of the latest trends. You can email Michelle RIGHT NOW by clicking on her name.

Amber Rogers

  AmberShe’s the Employee of Year six years in a row. And considering we don’t even award Employee of the Year, that’s pretty impressive. Gung-ho doesn’t even begin to describe Amber’s approach to taking care of our customers. She always offers honest feedback, has an excellent eye for details, and a GSD attitude that is downright contagious. You can email Amber RIGHT NOW by clicking on her name.

Tricia Bowden

  Tricia (aka Trixie, T-Dog) is the boss when it comes to selecting the perfect gear on each and every body type. Plus, she knows her colors. And yours too! Tricia will make sure you look and feel confident, bold, heroic, ready to conquer the world….or at least that next tradeshow, budget meeting or yoga class. Seriously, she’s got this. You can email Tricia RIGHT NOW by clicking on her name.

Patti Reiterman

  Remember that one time when you saw that cool thing that you thought would be perfect for the next whatchamacallit? Yeah, me neither, but Patti sure does! You got an idea percolating that needs a little work? You are in luck because Patti’s got this awesome super cosmic spidey sense that’ll figure it out. Well, that and she brings a ton of logo gear experience to the team. You can email Patti RIGHT NOW by clicking on her name.

Diane - Logo Lounge Concierge

  Diane spends her days keeping the Logo Lounge looking immaculate, which usually means putting away the 2,763 clothing samples that Bonnie gets out for clients to look at every day. With patience to burn and enthusiasm that’s infectious, Diane will welcome the heck out of you live in-person or when you call in to Alfie HQ. You can email Diane RIGHT NOW by clicking on her name.

Embroidery Team

  This is the where the magic happens. Where the proverbial rubber hits the equally proverbial road. Where the peanut butter meets the jelly, unless it’s crunchy peanut butter than that can really just mess with your bread. But not this team! Bumps and challenges like that? They love them. Almost as much as they love peanut butter! But seriously, this team is the best and will make sure your gear looks great.

Packaging and Finishing

These people make sure your stuff ROCKS. We check the fabric, the stitching, the colors, and even the spelling on all of your gear before it leaves HQ, so that you get the gear you dreamed of the first time around. Why are these people so important? Because the difference between “Your” and “You’re” printed on your shirt can mean the difference between a new client or a massive embarrassment in front of a lot of people.

Print Shop

This is our GSD team, GSD stands for Get Stuff Done. And man, do they ever!  This team takes that ordinary, blank, uneventful t-shirt, hoody and bandana and spiffs it up so it is perfect for you team, crew or event!  And the GSD team keeps talking about getting stuff done for our clients ASAFP. What does the “F” stand for? Feasibly. We think.


Luke & Sara - Art Department

Luke & Sara

To say the art team leads colorful lives would be quite the understatement.  Remember when you were a kid and wanted the jumbo 128 box of Crayolas like your friend had?  Well, let’s just say, you really want these two as your friends.  Seriously, they not only have the all of the cool tools, they know how to use them and would love to take your idea and bring it to life.   Well, on a t-shirt, mug, bag or ink pen anyway.